Lucas Compan

The New Brazil in New York

Lucas Compan is a branding guy, born in São Paulo, Brazil’s and Latin America’s largest city, and the world’s second largest city by population (21 million inhabitants).

He is an award-winning branding creative. He has something very unique: disciplined creativity. This allows Lucas to be very solutions-minded and creative at the same time. The fact that he had an amazing professional experience on “both sides of the counter” — in the big companies marketing communication area, and as a creative in advertising agencies — gave him the DNA to start a successful branding agency in São Paulo and in New York City.

There is a new Brazil down there, an emerging global power with a huge cultural content to share. Brazil, with a population of 192m and growing fast, could be one of the world’s five biggest economies by 2025, along with China, America, India and Japan. Lucas is willing to bring to New York City – and to the USA – this new Brazil. A Brazil that is much more than just samba, caipirinha, and toucans — although these are strong Brazilian icons. Stereotyped attractions, like Carnaval and soccer, are no longer the only source of inspiration – more and more people and places that represent the authentic Brazilian culture are writing their histories in New York City. Brazil is no longer restrict to the stereotypes of Manhattan’s 46th Street. Brazilian culture gains cosmopolitan nuances and spreads through different regions of New York, integrated to music halls, bars, shops, cultural spaces… and brands. That is the new Brazil Lucas Compan + his agency Nin9 Branding are willing to represent. That is why he is one of the new emerging Brazilian leaderships in New York City.

His academic background includes a graduation degree in Advertising at Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), Sao Paulo, SP and an MBA in Marketing also at ESPM. An awesome professional continuing education experience was a workshop at the Columbia Business School: “Entrepreneurial Creativity”, Columbia University – NYC, where he had contact with the American business environment in New York City and entrepreneurs who came from all over the world. Lucas loves apples and Apple.

Welcome to the new Brazil.

Tin-tin! Cheers!


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